Thank you! (English written blog)

12015241_1005815906146151_5570543867107111211_oSo… you decided to visit my website… that means you’re probably: 1. a regular visitor who’s surprised to find out I’m writing in English or 2. a TCS NYC Marathon runner (who was ‘reading my back’ while overtaking) or 3. you are one of the million spectators who possibly saw me running through the streets of your amazing city (I’ve visited the big apple two years ago so I know it is!). To me you’re all very special: I want to thank you for taking the effort of visiting my blog about running the NYC Marathon / running a marathon for the first time. 

Normally I write in Dutch which is my mother tongue. However: since I decided to put my name on my marathon shirt and display my website on it too, the least I can do is write an English blog so you guys do understand what my website is about.

For short this is my story: I am a 41 year old mom of two who -after ‘just running when I feel like it’- decided to run a marathon for once in my life. To be more specific: I used to really hate running, I couldn’t run one mile without non-stop complaining (don’t get me wrong: I liked sporting very much! Just not running). After our second child was born, I wanted to get active again. Because of all kind of reasons, running was the only real possibility to work out on a regular base. And believe it or not: I loved it! Not only because of the physical aspect but also because it gave me back my self-esteem. This mainly had to do with the fact that I used to be quite succesful ‘in business’ but we (my husband and I) decided I would stop working in my own company for a while in order to take care of our kids/family in general. This was really an issue to me: I had to get used to the new situation (some people started to look down on me which is not a good feeling at all). Because it turned out I was quite a good runner: my self-esteem came back! This was almost 3 years ago… Last year I ran my first Half Marathon and when I saw the ‘real’ marathon runners who had ‘hit the wall’ I started to get curious: why do they do this? I want to experience this too! 

To me the TCS NYC Marathon is mother to all marathons so it had to be this one! Also I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland)….: before New York got it’s current name it was called New Amsterdam which is pretty cool I think :-)! The last 4 months I trained to reach my dream in the country and city where dreams come true. It was an amazing journey which got goldplated when two times NYC Marathon winner German Silva from Mexico became my coach (how amazing!!!).

German Silva

German Silva

During this adventure I met some great, inspiring people. Some in real life, some ‘online’. Some I will meet for the first time in New York!

I am writing this while I’m still at home in The Netherlands not even knowing whether I will finish and what it will feel like… that’s kind of strange but it’s the only way to take care of thanking you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the marathon weekend; maybe you’ve been racing too, maybe you ran a PB. Maybe you were supporting someone you love or maybe you bighearted supported all runners. Maybe you got inspired to do the same one day. Or maybe you now know for sure you will NEVER do something like running 26.2 miles (I don’t blame you 😉 )

I hope to find some ‘likes’ or responses to this blog when coming home, just to know people know I do appreciate the effort. That would be really great! Lots of love, from Amsterdam to New York, Hedwig x!

24 gedachtes over “Thank you! (English written blog)

    • ach Ralph … het had zo mooi kunnen zijn 😉 ha ha ha ha!!! maar serieus: bedankt! Ik ga m’n best doen om de runpact-eer hoog te houden en ik snap dat je een beetje jaloers bent; het is natuurlijk ook uber cool! 🙂


  1. Anja Hartman Keune Very nice indeed Mrs. Keune van Hedwig Keune van Bree. What an original thought to write this blog in advance. De autocorrectie maakt wel een soepzootje van mijn reactie. Maar enniewee, the people responding, after reading the back of your shirt, should be able to read the other reactions as well. Therefore, my reaction in English. Poor marathon runners, you have worked your ass off to realize a great marathon run and then, out of a sudden, appears a good looking lean girl with endless legs in front of you. You are just able to read the text on the back of her shirt and then she is gone. Yep, that’s her, the girl from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Fast as the wind. Poor guys I feel sorry for you, beaten by our Hed (haha).

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  2. Wondering wether I should reply in Duth or English… But Anja’s response makes sense: when written in English, all your American marathon-spectators will be able to read this…
    I’ve read almost every blog of yours and I’ve great respect for your marathon-preparation. It’s nice to read all about it and indeed, now I know for sure I won’t run a marathon myself…

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    • thanks Tanja; really appreciate the compliments :-)! However: I think a whole lot of NYC Marathon runners will beat me without a problem 🙂 luckily that’s not what it’s about – but I’m shure you think about it that way too. Thanks for your confidence in me!!!

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  3. Inmiddels zit je in New York en morgen is de grote dag, waar je de laatste maanden naartoe hebt gewerkt. Ik heb er het volste vertrouwen in dat jij, met de trainingen die je zo gedisciplineerd hebt afgewerkt, het helemaal gaat doen, van de start tot aan de finish.
    Ik wens je veel succes en ga natuurlijk in de gaten houden hoe het je vergaat. Zet hem op, Hedwig!

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    • Hey Elsa! Het is gelukt! Ik heb ‘m uitgelopen en volgens mijn coach nogal conservatief in 3.56.14 Ik ben er super blij mee maar ben blij dat er dus waarschijnlijk meer in zit 🙂 Morgen blog schrijven over het hele avontuur!


      • Haha, noem dat maar conservatief! Ik heb hele strakke rondetijden langs zien komen, je hebt hem inderdaad mooi gedoseerd en berekenend gelopen. Top gedaan!
        De eerste indicatie van je eindtijd was exact hetzelfde als mijn eerste marathon. Je hebt er uiteindelijk nog 17 seconden afgehaald.
        Ik ben benieuwd naar je hele verhaal. En geniet er nog even van!


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